Live From ILEA Live – #EventIcons Episode 126

Live From ILEA Live - #EventIcons Episode 126

Today’s episode is near and dear to our heart! We are live from ILEA Live! Joining us today are some of the best and brightest in the industry.  As you probably guessed, it’s all about ILEA Live and how to grow as an event prof. But! Before we jump into that I think it’s important we take a step back and go over ILEA. Incase you have been living under a rock, International Live Events Association is a thriving association for global creative event professionals. They provide networking, education, professional development and so much more to their members.  

What is ILEA Live?

ILEA Live is a yearly conference held for the association members to meet in one place, network, grow professionally and stay informed on what is happening globally. It’s not event planning 101 but a very indepth dive into live events. What also makes the conference unique is that it is intimate, there are not thousands and thousands of event profs at the conference allowing a setting that attendees can truly experience the conference and interact with even the biggest speakers! Today with the help of our iconic panel Dana Macaulay of Sonoma County Vintners, Tera Greenwood of Service Systems Associates, and Jen Poyer of Event Technology Consulting we will cover all that embodies ILEA Live. We will learn more about that, and how the event educates its leaders, feedback and tactical advice from our pantel and so much more! If you have ever been interested in attending ILEA Live you can’t miss this episode!


We want to help keep you up-to-date with the latest and greatest! Below, in our Epic Resources section, we link the awesome insider favorites that were mentioned in this episode! You WANT to check these out! What has been your favorite episode so far? Comment below and let us know!

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For me, ILEA is about the relationships you make over the years by coming. @ILEANapaSonoma
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Leadership sessions at ILEA gives you the opportunity to have some additional leadership training that you might not be getting at your workplace. @ILEALosAngeles
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Being a President is difficult, you have conflict, make tough decisions, so having someone with outside the board with whom you can consult with is really helpful. @ILEADenver
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