The Role of A Creative In Events – #EventIcons Episode 123

The Role of A Creative In the Events - #EventIcons Episode 123

Do you ever feel like your events are missing something but you aren’t sure what? Do you find yourself wishing that you had better content, interesting videos and more. If so you may be missing a creative role from your event team. They are visionaries who help tell your story, take your visions and make it a reality. On top of that, they make sure your overall concept is cohesive and all your details are covered. If you want to have an amazing event you need really look into adding the role of a creative in events.

Creatives can understand your overall vision and turn it into a reality. That all sounds great, but where do you find them? What should you look for when hiring a creative? If you have a million questions running through your head right now don’t fear! Our iconic guests Mark Joseph Howell of Mark Joseph Creative will walk you through everything you need to know creatives in the events industry. We will discuss hiring a creative, what to consider for content, jack of all trades vs specialists, projection mapping,  and so much more! This episode covers everything about the role of a creative in events. Let’s jump in!

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The biggest misunderstanding is when people approach a situation one way and can't wrap their head around doing it differently. @MarkJosephCDG
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Everything you hear, see, smell, and touch needs to be cohesive. It should evoke an emotion. @MarkJosephCDG
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