Best Social Media Groups For #EventProfs – #EventIcons Episode 103

Best LinkedIn and Facebook Groups For #EventProfs - #EventIcons Episode 103

Social media can be a challenge. With all the options available it can be overwhelming finding the right places to be or learning the tools. However, social media can be a great place to find community via social media groups. But how do you decide where to spend your valuable time and effort? What can you do to keep your group engaged?

In this episode of #EventIcons our iconic panel,  David Adler of BizBash, Brittany Bucceroni of BizBash, Lotfi SENHAJI of Event Pros will be weighing in how to find the right social media groups for event profs. They will discuss why you need to be in social media groups. How to find the right groups for you. And how you can build your community through them plus so much more! You don’t want to miss what we have in store so jump into the video below!

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Social Anxiety is the biggest issue in the event industry. @davidadler
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We do a bunch of stuff to keep people engaged in our groups. We have editors who asks questions and you can get featured into our magazine! @britbucc
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Linkedin Groups are really great for engagement. But we can see a decrease in the overall engagement on Linkedin groups. -Lotfi SENHAJI
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