Meeting Planner Tips for Boosting Audience Engagement, Faster Check-ins and More

meeting planner tips

Every meeting planner we know is a great juggler. After all, you need the skills of a Cirque de Soleil performer to handle venues, schedules, suppliers, and social media all at the same time! Even the best #eventprof needs an assist every once in a while. So we have compiled our favorite meeting planner tips and few tricks to help you manage your time by using some classic event management shortcuts. These include using the right on-site event management system, discovering the perfect venue, and making sure your goals tie in with your attendees’ goals.

Here’s another event helper that you’ll certainly need: our free event planning checklist. Read about the other tips after the jump.

Finding Your “Ultimate Goal”

When you hold an event, what’s the ultimate thing that you want your attendees to take home? Sure, it’s nice to get your ROI and all, but will your attendees also reap the same benefits? By putting the audience’s needs first and giving them what they want, you could create an event that’ll leave a lasting impact. Whether it’s higher pay or new opportunities, or simply a new and valuable way of looking at a topic, you should have a clear view of what you want your audience to accomplish as soon as they leave your doors.

The Events Industry Is Worth Almost Half a Trillion Dollars!

$446 billion dollars. That’s how much the events industry contributes to the GDP. It generates more jobs than other well-established industries like oil and gas or auto manufacturing. It also boasts of a 160% return, on top of its contributions to spreading knowledge and creating new opportunities. But what does this mean for you? Aside from the assurance that the events industry is still an economic juggernaut, the numbers also speak of the countless opportunities that await those who are involved in the field.

What Makes A Great Event?

What makes the perfect event? According to Matt Coyne, the necessary elements boil down to something very simple: engagement of the five senses. While this could constitute a whole host of other factors, engaging sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch (while also exploring the whole spectrum of sensation) provides the perfect foundation for a successful event. The best way to engage, after all, is by making sure you capture all their senses during their stay.

What's the ultimate thing that you want your attendees to take home?
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Meeting Destinations Are Not What They Used to Be

Is there an intersection between the realm of public works and meetings? Yes, because the first opens up a lot of new possibilities for the latter. The city in which you met a few years back may no longer be the same city you will be meeting in next year! With urban development booming in recent years, you can now access unique new meeting places. Infrastructure is safer and more tightly integrated with the tech you use for your events. And of course, all these help you better respond to the ever-evolving demands of your attendees.

Find Your Perfect On-Site Event Management Software

There’s a host of event management software available to help you run a smooth-sailing ship. But how exactly do they fit in with the rest of your technology? What are the things you should look for when choosing one? Integration is a big consideration, allowing you to port the data from one system to be processed in another. In fact, it should be a major factor when deciding on your event management stack. Your chosen on-site management tool should be able to handle multiple aspects of credentials, validation, tracking, and more, and feed them to any other event tech you’re using. But that’s just a small slice of the pie! Read more about how to find your ideal on-site management software here.

Personalization Is the Next Big Thing

With the events industry growing ever bigger and more and more players getting into the game, how can your event stand out? This is the question many are asking, and it’s leading to the next big trend in the field. Personalization allows you to create a very immersive attendee experience, adding value to your whole event and creating a better impact. But that’s not the only thing on the horizon. Communication is also bound to see a shift, and the role of speakers and influencers will increase. Learn more about these trends and how you can catch up!

Technology: a Builder, and a Barrier

Technology has been held in high regard as the best way to build a great event. However, it also has a slightly more infamous side. The mere saturation of competing for tech products in the landscape creates a very confusing maze, ultimately forming a barrier for event professionals. The challenge right now is to find a way to better streamline and integrate these different technologies, as well as to help companies prepare and use them properly. While the hype around tech won’t die down anytime soon, there are companies that attempt to solve the problems that the proliferation of tech solutions make.

With the events industry growing ever bigger and more and more players getting into the game, how can your event stand out?
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High-Tech and Painless Ways to Check-In during Events

You’ve heard of facial recognition taking care of identifying guests during check-in. But have you heard of robotic dinosaurs doing that job instead? That’s how a hotel in Japan does it. While it doesn’t have to be dinos, the concept of multilingual robots manning the front counter is alive and well. Or if you prefer a more hands-off, self-service approach, you can just beam a simple SMS to your attendees’ smartphones to deal with the check-in. You can even use the same phone as a means of keyless entry. Check out the full story through the link above.

Here’s Your Self-Help Guide to Self-Help Books!

The events industry presents a great opportunity for personal growth. For those looking for a little extra push, self-help books are the way to go. But there’s just so many of them! How do you choose the right book to start with? Thankfully, the folks at HubSpot have read and digested these books for us so we can get right to the important bits and get the golden nuggets without us having to dig around each one.

To Beat Stress, Start from Within

Stress is becoming an increasing part of everyone’s lives. Most of us now turn to technology to help reduce its the impact. But in doing so, we tend to forget to build our own resilience, which is our first line of defense against stress. Everything we do can help combat this bane of our lives. From reframing your way of thinking and learning to build supportive relationships, Harvard Business Review gives us a handy guide to beating stress from the inside out.



Another way to deal with stress is to take regular breaks. I know, I know, your business can’t run without you. But will it hurt the bottom line if you took just a couple of days off every once in a while?

We hope these tips help you manage the crazy that it is to be in the events industry. What are some of your favorite meeting planner tips? Comment below to let us know!


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