Must-Have Event Tech: Event Registration App, Indoor Mapping and More

event registration app

Consumer technology is all but required in today’s app-driven worlds. Not only do you need an event registration app, you also need a pre-event marketing app and event management software. Not to mention integration with social media tools, data collection systems and analytics.

But despite all the tech hype, don’t veer away from the true focus of your event: the attendees. What’s the best way to get the audience engaged? By creating exciting events!

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Increase Excitement, Increase Engagement

When people are excited about your event, they get more involved and engaged. And stirring this level of engagement does not have to be difficult. For example, amplifying your message through influencers can generate buzz and rally people around your event. You can also increase participation by holding contests and gamifying various audience activities. You can elicit attendee opinion through polls, and give them a personalized experience through a mobile app. And of course, you can give them some virtual swag bag for them to take home. Anything from free subscriptions to exclusive content from your sponsors is guaranteed to increase engagement!

Evolving the Event Space

Believe it or not, your venue is now a large part of how attendees will view your event. The demand for non-traditional venues is expected to rise by almost 4% in response, and to stay afloat you need to understand this trend. Choosing the space is no longer confined to standard auditorium fare. The venue should clearly reflect the values, culture, and message of your client. It can also break free from norms altogether, such as when it transitions to the virtual space. You should also take a look at local factors, integrating your event into the local landscape.

Your Priority: Protecting Your Attendees

There are lots of pressures and objectives in an event professional’s life. But if there is one thing that trumps them all, it’s safeguarding each attendee from start to finish. It will be impossible to deliver your message in an environment that feels hostile. Especially during large events, attendees may be subject to mischievous or downright inappropriate behavior both from fellow audiences and even staff members. In fact, as much as 60% of attendees have experienced such behavior in the past two years! It’s up to you to measures that will prevent this from happening under your watch.

The demand for non-traditional venues is expected to rise by almost 4%
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Mall Events Just Got Bigger

Could your next big venue be the shopping mall? And we’re not just talking about traditional mall events. Newer malls are now being designed to be just the perfect venue for huge conferences, festivals, and other gatherings. Malls have innately high visibility and foot traffic, making it perfect for catering to consumer attendees. At the same time, malls have the perfect infrastructure to support most types of events. What’s more, hosting an event at such a conspicuous place could easily draw the attention of other mall-goers, potentially adding to your exposure and engagement.

Find Your Way through Your Venue with Mapwize

Properly mapping your event venue is an important (and often overlooked) part of preparation. Start by planning the areas accessible to different segments of your audience, and then planning the various booths and installations. If this sounds time-consuming, then Mapwize is here to help. It’s an indoor mapping app that lets you plan ahead, helping you produce floor plans that you can release to your attendees for use during the event. What’s more, the product can integrate with outdoor maps for precise directions. Check out the article to learn more about it.

Take Event Registration to the Next Level!

Event registration is often stuck in the past, with tables with registration officers taking your name and details. Why not take it to the next level with futuristic tech? Kiosks, for example, add an extremely easy and self-service twist to the registration process. There are also apps that allow guests to check themselves in, through their own tablet or smartphone. You can also integrate the event registration tech with other event management tools like Eventbrite. All you have to do is to understand how this tech can be used in your specific case, and you can provide a professional welcome like no other!

Big Things for Marketing in 2018

Every year brings something new, and 2018 is no exception. Aside from the events industry being awash in mauve as its preferred color, there are also hugely important issues that are on everyone’s mind. Brands, for example, will have to wrestle with the question of whether or not to deal in political rhetoric. There’s the oft-covered rise of VR and mobile, and yet there’s also the slow death of Twitter. There’s also the question of authenticity behind the trend of influencer marketing. As an industry professional, it’s important to understand how you will deal with all these and more within the year.

Social media is a wild, noisy, and sometimes dangerous place. But if you can navigate it well, it is also a gold mine of willing attendees for your next event!
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Newsjacking Your Way Up

Event professionals often face the big question of what theme the next event should take. The idea of newsjacking, however, could take away the hours of brainstorming. This concept refers to the use of recent news or cultural references to create a brand experience. It all depends on how fast the brand can react to the news, and how well it can spin the idea for their own message. But there is a formula to make newsjacking (also called “eventjacking” or “culturejacking”) a success. Read all about it here.

Reach Your Audience via Social Media

Social media is a wild, noisy, and sometimes dangerous place. But if you can navigate it well, it is also a gold mine of willing attendees for your next event! By understanding your market and curating your content for them, you can create a connection that could turn them into instant fans. Taking stock of features like hashtags and Facebook Ads also go a long way. Of course, social media is best used with more “traditional” advertising methods such as email to make the most impact.

Get Your Event App for Free, through Sponsors

Event apps are sometimes viewed as a luxury that is reserved for those with big event budget. However, it’s possible to get one at practically no cost by engaging your event sponsors. By recognizing app sponsors in lieu of the regular sponsorship tiers, and by giving them the opportunity to maximize exposure by speaking directly to your audience, you give them the ROI they want to invest in your event app. Also, because you are dealing with a virtual product in the form of the event app, you can give lots more value-added options for your sponsors!



One way to get your event noticed is by riding trends. That’s where the above article about eventjacking comes in.

Have you ever tried to hype your event by tying it to viral current events?

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