Try New Event Ideas For 2018: Create a Roadshow, Book Underrated Venues, Create a Unique Event Experience

event ideas for 2018

As we kick off 2018, we’re excited to discover a lot of new event ideas for 2018 to energize our event planning. More than the technology itself, it’s really great to finally see innovations in personalization and customization gearing up to be the central theme in this year’s events.

On top of that, we encourage event professionals to really use data to make their events better this year. This goes beyond collecting and charting stats. You really need to use tech to extract unique insights from the information you collect, plus add some of your vast event experience to really breakthrough with new event ideas.

PS: Create an engaging event this year by learning how to increase your audience engagement with our free webinar.

Get Ready for the Top Meeting Trends in 2018

Meetings have always been more intimate affairs compared to events. But with recent trends focusing more towards personalization and customization, meetings are definitely getting a big tech upgrade this year. Expect to get more familiar with new technologies like AI as it becomes more popular. One thing did catch our eye from the article though: smart drugs. Can we really cure audience inattention with cognitive enhancing drugs?

Grab These 7 Free Event Reports Today

We love receiving free stuff, especially if they’re loaded with hidden hacks from the pros. So this time we’re sharing with you a source where you can get 7 all-important event reports, all for free. If you want to go around the world, there’s the free report about the 25 Best Event Venues and Destinations in 2018, which takes you from Anaheim to Singapore. You can also go to the Event App Bible 2017: Reboot if you want to start building event apps this year. Check out the other reports via the link above.

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Successful Event Roadshow

Creating a roadshow can be daunting, especially if you haven’t worked on an event series before. We totally understand how that feels like, so we’re glad to share this event roadshow guide with you! This guide goes deep into every detail on what happens in a successful event roadshow, from collecting data up to brewing your own roadshow content. So are you ready to take your event planning to the next level with a roadshow?

Meetings are definitely getting a big tech upgrade this year.
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Upgrade Your Work Vocabulary with These 6 New Corporate Terms

Are you willing to try “Failure-as-a-Service”? As event planners, we’re already exposed to different industries and different languages all day. But despite that, some new terms still pop up that aren’t easy to comprehend. With that, let’s all brush up on a few of the latest buzzwords from tech to marketing.

9 Ways You Can Collect Accurate Data with Venue Sourcing Solutions

With all the venues, data, people, and events in a year are spreadsheets enough to keep you on top of what’s happening? Most event planners are still relying on spreadsheets for many event tasks, but these traditional tools don’t give you intel in the best possible way. Thankfully, technology is here to save the day through the power of venue sourcing solutions. Here are 9 ways venue sourcing can help you get things done.

10 Statistics to Convince You that Experiential Marketing Wins

Forget about the times when people just checked out your booth in exchange for a loot bag. Today, people are looking for experiences, and we’re not just talking about millennials. Baby Boomers and the Gen X want to level up their event experiences as well. But don’t just take our word for it, check out these numbers that will show you that you need to add an engaging experience in your next event.

Brand New Destinations That Will Attract Avid Travelers in 2018

Move over New York and Paris! It looks like 2018 is going to be the year for underrated destinations. Most travelers now crave the uncharted and are willing to venture there just for the unique experience. Skift lists a few locations that might just be hidden gems, starting with Minneapolis as this year’s Super Bowl venue. Other unexpected locations mentioned in the list are Malta and Ethiopia, which will definitely attract those who want to travel back in time. It also has the mystical new nations in Central Asia to pique your interest.

We're going to see a lot of human-centric tech this 2018.
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Learn from the Best Music Festival Activations of 2017

More people who are looking for that live music experience go to music festivals, and we as event planners should follow suit. Music festivals have become the best platforms for events to showcase their campaigns, providing memorable experiences to hundreds of thousands of people. There are the usual top brand campaigns like Heineken’s innovative beer-top water cups and Citi’s eco-chic lounge and bar. But you also see CLIF Bar making an appearance with music-themed tattoos for charity. Read about the rest via the article up top.

Take a Look at the Upcoming Biggest Events of 2018

The year is just starting but the biggest events around the world are all ready to take center stage. Controversies won’t die even for the latest Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea because of its proximity to North Korea. Still heating up is the ongoing battle of women against sexual harassment in the entertainment industry and the lack of female keynote speakers for one of the biggest consumer and tech trade shows. Know more about these events and what the fuss is about by going to the link above.

Using Technology to Humanize Your Events and Other Trends in 2018

As we mentioned earlier, we’re going to see a lot of human-centric tech this 2018, especially for events. On the side of the audience, we’ll see more innovation related to getting attendees to interact with speakers and giving them an active learning experience. You’ll also see more of last year’s top tech trends gain mainstream adoption, from AI to VR and a host of acronyms in between. For us on the event execution side, data collection and analysis will become a must-havee for successful events. This will help planners measure ROI as well as manage activities better on site. Catch more trends through the article we linked above.



So many events this year, so little time. While we might be chest-deep in our own events, are you planning to attend some of the events mentioned in the articles above? Practically speaking it’s a good way to learn from others but more importantly, it’s an escape from the usual hectic planning and management.

What big events do you plan to go to this year?

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