Learn About Event Live Streaming, Event Influencers to Follow, and More

Last year was the year was when live streaming really entered the mainstream. Event live streaming really got a great boost when all the major players created tools for live video. This, in turn, encouraged developers to create apps and artists to try out the new tech.

There is no question event live streaming is here to stay. You can tell it’s getting increasingly popular because of all the related articles we are featuring this week. We have one where you can learn how to live stream your event the right way. Don’t forget to make your event live streaming you need to have flawless AV, check out our guide to make your AV foolproof!  We also share a few event tools that can help you stream your event. Lastly, we also discovered a few articles that will help in audience engagement and attention-getting, something you need your live streams to have as well.

The Smartest Events Industry Influencers You Should Follow in 2018

We have a lot to be thankful for this year, including the many brilliant event professionals that keep on sharing their knowledge and insights with the industry at large. However, with the long list of industry influencers online, who should you trust the most? This list has some of the 29 smartest and most engaging events industry influencers online. Do yourself a favor and give them a follow! PS: Our very own @ItsWillCurran is on this list!

The Best Webinars to Watch for Better Audience Engagement

Our industry has gone through a lot this year and everyone is trying to play catch up with all the innovations and event trends popping up everywhere. But it’s better to take it a step further. Stay ahead by learning from the experts through the top webinars of the year. This list includes tips for event live streaming, managing event tech, content creation, and meeting design.

10 Tips to Catch and Maintain Audience Attention

Don’t blame the audience and their “8-second attention span” if your event fails to keep them engaged. The idea of an average attention span is a myth we need to bust right now. Make your event ask for the full participation of your audience by exciting them through what they see, hear, feel, and do. Jump in to get the best ideas for enhancing event engagement.

Don’t blame the audience and their '8-second attention span' if your event fails to keep them engaged.
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How Virtual Reality Can Transform Brand Experience in 2018

The decreasing prices for VR headsets might indicate that virtual reality is dying. But the lower cost also means that it’s now easier for event professionals to use these tools in creating unique experiences for their attendees. Moreover, statistics show that there will be a staggering 171 million VR users worldwide in 2018. The big question is: what can we do with VR in our events?

How to Use Tech in Events to Engage Millennials Better

Millennials are the new majority in the United States with a current population of 92 million. They are the first generation of digital natives who use technology to compare products, gain access to information, book reservations, and do their day-to-day tasks. That means today’s events must engage millennials with the help of technology. Reach out to them through apps, social media, and their smartphones. Learn how to use tech in improving an event’s content and audiovisual effects in this article.

The Top 3 Ways Technology Integration Can Affect Attendee Experience

Futuristic stages and effects might help your events stand out but it isn’t the magic bullet that will make your event successful. What your attendees need, want, and love still matters when creating unique event activities that will keep them interested throughout the event. You can further use technology in collecting data to know your audiences better. If you want to put your attendees first, here’s an article that’s a must-read for you.

Impress Your Attendees by Letting Them Skip the Line

Using online registration platforms is the new normal if you need to streamline your event sign-up process. However, you shouldn’t just shove a form in people’s faces and let it stop there. This is a great opportunity to create a good first impression of your event. From kiosks to badges, there’s a lot to learn we can learn here about delivering a great initial experience to our attendees.

91% of marketers from successful organizations believe that technology can have a major impact on their events’ success.
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How to Use Slack for a More Productive Event Management

We use Slack ourselves over here at Endless. It’s an amazing tool for sharing knowledge, coordinating work and even for hanging out with coworkers. But the true power of this seemingly simple chat app is its easy integration with other apps. More than just for communication, you can also use it to automate work and instantly share real-time data with colleagues.

A Guide to the Best Tools for All Your Event Needs

A recent report shows that 91% of marketers from successful organizations believe that technology can have a major impact on their events’ success. I’m pretty sure you’re already using tech to make your own work easier, but choosing the right tech to use can be tricky. To help us out, Bizzabo compiled a list of useful tools for managing all aspects of your event, from registration and staffing to security and live streaming.

The Top Qualities of an Awesome Event Planner

Being an event planner is not as easy as it sounds. An event may last for only a few hours, but its success relies on the months (or even years) of preparation. While it certainly looks like an exciting and glamorous job title, not everyone can be an event planner. There are a few essential qualities that every top event planner has, and you can check them all out on this list. Which of these qualities do you have in your toolbox and which ones do you need to add?



As one article put it, this year will be the “Year of the Attendee”. These days, event audiences listen more to the people around them and pay less attention to ads, campaigns, and endorsements.

That means we should focus on delivering a remarkable attendee experience more than ever.

What remarkable experience have you given your attendees lately? How do you use event live streaming?

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