How to Plan for Success as an Event Organizer

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As an event organizer, you’re great at planning events but often you get too frazzled to plan the future of your own business. Business planning is an important part of your growth as an event organizer business. So take a moment to clear your calendar and set a schedule for yourself to plan out this coming year.

First, you need to look back at what you’ve done this past year. Collect the data and see where you succeeded and where you can improve. Next, create a data-driven strategy to boost your performance for 2018. After that, you just need to execute your plan, which is easier said than done. Good thing we have tech on our side give us a bit of event help.

Thankfully, we discuss all of that and more in this week’s roundup. Jump right in and see how you can be a better #eventprof next year!

Here’s Where to Place Your Budget in 2018

Technology is still the darling of the events industry, with many planners claiming they will increase spending on tech this coming year. That’s what the Event Tech Lab survey revealed during Barcelona’s latest IBTM World. Because of the booming economy in the region, budgets are also rising and much of these budgets will be invested in tech. Expect more innovations related to chatbots, facial recognition, blockchain-based ticketing, crowdsourcing, and more.

Breaking Down Your Event Strategy

Event organizing is all about, well, organization. You need to know how to prioritize, picking the right tasks to do from your endless to-do list. This means you need to follow a working events strategy if you want to keep your sanity. This strategy spans everything from planning the event, all the way to wrapping it up. Working through each stage flawlessly also means setting up sub-goals, drilling all the way down to the nitty-gritty. Find out more how to be a strategic event organizer in this article.

Use VR + AR to Level Up Your Events

Virtual reality (VR) and its sibling augmented reality (AR) have been quite a hit in the event industry. As these technologies mature, event professionals are discovering many interesting applications for this tech that could help create new experiences for attendees. For example, the concept of “open world” VR exploration is already a reality, thanks to technology developed by Australia’s Zero Latency. VR and AR are also being used to create smaller, more focused experiences that combine various ideas from gaming and theater. Are you planning to use VR or AR (or both) in your next event?

Craft a data-driven strategy to achieve your event goals
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Why Event ROI Begins with Strategic Goals

We know that event ROI is one of the very first things professionals look at when planning a new event. However, despite the dominance of this concept in the industry, many of us still find it hard to grasp. So here’s an easier way to look at ROI: check your company’s goals. This means you have to answer the “who”, “what”, and “why” of your company. Identify how events will help with these goals. From there, you can find out which events to create, how to execute them, and most importantly, how they can provide a great return for your effort.

Digitization Takes Over the Events World

Data is everywhere, no matter what industry you’re in. If you want to serve customers more efficiently and achieve your event goals, you’ll need to dive head first into your data. That means crafting a data-driven strategy. It goes beyond just talking to clients but actually collecting data on event activity as well as analyzing the results. You can even charge a bit more to clients because of this, which I’m sure will peak your interest. Learn more about how to go digital for your events in this post.

Accessibility Challenges During Events

Technology has no doubt improved accessibility, but we still have some ways to go to make events totally accessible to anyone. From simple off-site meetings to large-scale events, there’s a lot to gain by making our events inclusive. All we need is to make a conscious effort to use tech to collect information from attendees. From there, we can personalize the event for them, delivering stellar experiences to everyone.

Technology Will Change the Face of Event Management

Tech definitely drives many of the upcoming event trends in the industry. Some of the key benefits we’ve enjoyed include getting work done more efficiently, removing human error, and improving collaboration between our staff and among attendees. We’ve already seen some of these technologies come into play like using geofencing apps to welcome attendees and using wearables to make registration and participation easier. We actually talk a bit about these tech trends in our year-end event trends report. Read more about it here.

Training each member to work well with any kind of team will make them perform their best for both…
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Learn from Lynda… for Free!

What if you can use something as simple as your library card to unlock a world of knowledge? This is the concept behind LyndaLibrary, a partnership between public libraries in the U.S. and online learning platform Lynda. To learn if your local libraries are part of this endeavor, you can ask them or search online. Lynda itself sadly isn’t sharing much about this yet. But once you find a participating library, you can start learning from their extensive catalog, whether inside the library or anywhere with an internet connection.

Drive Your Team to Maximum Performance

Working in a group is inevitable, especially when you’re in the events industry. There’s always a clash of personalities or at the very least a few moments of misunderstanding when team members unintentionally disrupt someone else’s work. The good news is that by training each member to work well with any kind of team, they can easily perform at their best for both long-term and short-term projects. All they need is a bit of coaching to raise their emotional intelligence and empathy.

Investing in the Future of Events 

Our friends at Bizzabo announced this week the close of a $15M round of funding. Why does this matter to you? The funding is to pursue their mission of unleashing the power of events to make them more impactful and rewarding. They are turning the industry on its head with their unique Events cloud a user-friendly platform where you find event marketing tools, management tools such as event registration, and integration tools all in one place, making your life as a planner or event organizer a lot simpler.

Have You Spent Enough Time Alone?

Admit it: you don’t like being alone. Heck, we even bring our smartphones to the bathroom just to avoid being disconnected. But what you might not realize is that being alone is actually helpful for certain tasks, helping you detach from distractions and criticism. It is also instrumental for self-transformation because it lets you figure out who you want to be. But like all things, learning to be alone is a skill that comes with practice. Take small steps and you’ll reap the hidden benefits of being alone.



Being along and working well with a team go hand in hand, as we’ve learned today.

Do you find yourself being more productive after some alone time? Or would you rather be surrounded by people and being fueled by their energy?



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