Discover New Event Apps For Networking, Presentations and Recruitment

new event apps

I must confess that we do like event apps here at Endless Events, new event apps are even better!  Who doesn’t want something shiny and new that also helps you do less work? With a swipety-swipe, a pop and a zing, you get to expand your abilities and capabilities without leaving your seat.

Some of the new event apps we’ve discovered let you add visual check-ins (kinda like Face ID) to your registration desk, host virtual events, and even book meetings with other event goers.

There’s also a new platform that helps event professionals hire and get hired. And lastly, Prezi is using augmented reality to let you make more engaging and immersive presentations.

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Event Destinations to Remember (and Book) in 2018

Events aren’t just about stuffy auditoriums and crowded halls anymore. This comprehensive report from Event Manager Blog gives the lowdown on various venue trends that will affect events in 2018. The report covers venues for every occasion, whether it’s a retreat into nature to recharge attendees or an immersion into a cosmopolitan culture. There are even a few surprisingly refreshing picks in the report. From the new and upcoming to the iconic and irreplaceable, here is your definitive guide to the ultimate event locations for the upcoming year.

Event Marketing in 2018: A Graphical Overview

As live events continue to grow in popularity among marketers, it’s important to stay ahead of the latest trends to gain an edge. In 2018, companies will be allocating larger budgets to events, making for an even more competitive field. Technology will take up a significant chunk of this years spending since an overwhelming number of marketers see it as influential for creating a positive experience for attendees. Check out the exact numbers for each trend in this handy infographic! PS: We also have a handy event production infographic for learning all about event AV.

4 Networking Apps to Help Attendees Connect Better

The chance to network with clients and influencers is one of the primary draws of live events. Hence as event professionals, it falls upon us to try to make the experience smoother for everyone. Fortunately, technology once again is here to save the day. These four mobile apps are all geared towards bringing people with commonalities together, allowing them to meet, greet, and hopefully form meaningful bonds. While these apps tend to use the dating analogy to bring attendees closer, they’re still focused on the professional side of things.

This 2018, companies will be allocating larger budgets to events.
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More Apps to Use for Your Next Event

On top of networking, we’ve discovered even more apps to boost your next event. How about an on-demand multilingual translator that lets audiences hear speakers in their own language? Or a facial recognition registration and check-in system? Maybe your next event can benefit from a virtual aspect that allows users abroad to join in on the highlights in more immersive ways than simply watching a video feed. All these and a lot more are detailed in this interesting list.

The “Little Black App” of Event Freelancers Allows Seamless Coordination

It’s not just event marketers that make a living out of the ever-growing events scene. Freelancers work hand-in-hand with them to share their knowledge and expertise in planning, design, and AV. However, finding the right freelancer isn’t always easy, and from their point of view finding the perfect event to work on isn’t always a breeze, either. This is where Event Pro Finder comes in. With it, organizers and freelancers can seamlessly coordinate schedules and requirements, even going as far as making payment and invoicing easier!

How To Effectively Manage Crowds in Events

Events get their energy from the crowd, but not all crowds are equal. Depending on the theme and audience of your event, you’ll need to manage crowds carefully not just to keep them happy and safe, but also to maximize the impact of your event. This guide lists down the various aspects that affect crowd management, from utilizing layouts for better crowd flow to making sure information is quickly and efficiently disseminated to everyone.

4 Tips For Staying On Top of Event Costs

When an industry like ours become popular, more businesses will want in on the action. It’s inevitable that prices will rise, too, especially for sought-after venues and services. For example, group hotel rates around the world are increasing year-on-year. What if your own budget doesn’t catch up with this peak pricing? It might be time to work around these limits. Start by better-utilizing budgets to meet event goals. Plan and measure everything to ensure there are no surprises in your bills. Read on to read more tips to stay on budget while still making your event pop.

Events get their energy from the crowd, but not all crowds are equal.
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Maximize Your Twitter Use in Events

Randomly and repetitively tweeting about your upcoming event isn’t enough to generate buzz (but I’m sure you knew that). Instead, you need a complete Twitter strategy, one that involves making your own unique hashtag, participating in Twitter chats, and more. For events in progress, use tools to help you livetweet it and add Tweet Walls to boost interactivity. Post-event, Twitter is also the perfect platform for sending out “thank you messages” and tracking engagement rates. And of course, don’t stop monitoring that hashtag!

The Social Aspect of Experiential Marketing

Social media has long been a staple of online marketing. Have you thought of pairing it with your experiential marketing efforts? It seems like this would be a match made in marketing heaven! Both are highly engaging in their own ways. Social media is addictive online, while experiential marketing creates meaningful contact offline. Social media can be used not just to generate buzz about the event, but also to gather information about attendees. This lets event professionals personalize their follow-ups, and helps create meaningful opportunities for interaction.

AR is the Future of Presentations

Prezi has gained a following especially among many schools and companies. It’s a more engaging way to show off presentations instead of the standard (and boring) slides and bullet points. Despite this, Microsoft’s iconic PowerPoint still retains the lion’s share of presentations across the board. Now, Prezi is poised to break this by adding the presenter into the slide deck itself, with the help of AR or augmented reality. From an events perspective, this could only lead to ever more immersive and even interactive experiences for attendees. I wonder: what awesome things can this new format bring to our events in the future?



One of the articles we found this week talks about event budgeting. Money is always a tricky subject to tackle but we want to hear your thoughts.

Any tricks and tips you can share to create a whiz-bang event without the whiz-bang price?


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