The Best Tools and Apps for Event Planners

Isn’t it great that some folks have taken the time to create apps for event planners? Whether it’s an event registration iPad app or a complete conference management system, we’re glad that event professionals are finally getting the tech support they need.

This week, we’ve found apps for event planners that might help make your life a bit easier. We have one that helps you schedule meetings quickly and another that makes video conferencing a breeze. If event knowledge is what you need, we also have a list of blogs that you might want to subscribe to get the latest on the event industry, subscribe to ours here.

And lastly, don’t forget to take a break and vacation often! Vacations aren’t a waste of time and money, and we found just the article to prove that.

apps for event plannersPhoenix Comic-Con Crisis Averted!

What do you do when your DJ storms out of the dance party? That’s what happened during Phoenix Comic-Con. The bored amateur DJ walked out and off stage before the party even started, leaving the event planner hanging. This disaster would usually mean a canceled party and lots of angry guests. Thankfully, the event was saved by an Endless Entertainment audio technician who stepped in and saved the day. Watch the video to learn how the story unfolds and come celebrate #OutrageousHospitality with us!

apps for event planners10 Blogs Every Event Professional Must Read

If you work in events, you know that everyone in the industry is busy. That means reading up on the latest event trends might fall to the wayside because of our jam-packed schedules. However, that’s precisely why you should take time to read; so you can stay ahead of the pack. Now there’s no excuse since someone took the time to round up the best blogs to follow. And guess who’s number six on the list? Hint: you can subscribe to them here.

apps for event plannersCustomize Your Venue Selection in 7 Easy Steps

For some events, the location is a top priority. Everything else revolves around it, including venue selection. You’ll want to choose a location that not only attracts attendees but also sets the right tone for the event. The venue needs to be closely aligned with your company’s mission. Read the article to learn what you need to consider when selecting a personalized venue.

What do you do when your DJ storms out of the dance party?
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apps for event plannersThe Evolution of Dolby Sound in Cinema

We discovered this great video discussing the evolution of Dolby from mono cinema sound to Atmos object-based surround sound. In order to keep innovating, Dolby continuously asks itself this question: “How can we move sound beyond what we’ve been able to do today?”. Because of that, we now enjoy amazing auditory experiences including high-definition, surround sound. Watch the video to know how Dolby is constantly redefining its products to bring the best sound experience to audiences everywhere.

apps for event plannersHow Hubspot Does Experiments to Improve Their Social Media Strategy

Social media managers stress out about news feed algorithms all the time. Rightfully so, since every social network and their mother now sports a ticker of profile updates and shared articles as their home page. To keep the buzz going for their posts, Hubspot did a few experiments and tried to increase their engagement through influencers, gamification, and social media-based PR. Read on to learn if their experiments got the results they wanted.

apps for event planners15 Zoom Hacks Towards Better Video Meetings

Has video chat replaced your three-legged conference call starfish? It should since you get to do so much more with your remote teams if you see them live. Might we suggest that you try out Zoom if you’re looking for a free video conferencing solution? To sweeten the deal, we’ve found 15 time-saving hacks so you can have a smoother, more productive video chat experience with the service.

Has video chat replaced your three-legged conference call starfish?
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apps for event plannersMake Scheduling Easy With Meetingbird’s Chrome Extension

We’ve found another great time-saver for busy professionals: MeetingBird. It does one simple thing: help you schedule meetings right from your email account. If you’re a big fan of G Suite apps, this should fit into your workflow perfectly. Install the free Google Chrome extension from the link above and let the app add meetings to your Google Calendar from your Gmail emails in one click.

apps for event plannersHow HBO’s Westworld Sets The Standard for Immersive Entertainment

If you weren’t at last month’s San Diego Comic-Con, you missed out on a lot of things (there’s still next year though!). One of the must-experience attractions was Westworld: The Experience. Here, guests had a chance to visit the show’s theme park setting and even interact with some of the characters. The immersive experience definitely wowed both fans and casual attendees alike. Perhaps it’s time to think about how you can create your own immersive experiences in your next event.

apps for event plannersAsk Brandt Krueger About Event Tech and AV on Facebook Live

Need to learn the ins and outs of event tech and event AV? Who better to answer your questions than our very own #EventIcons co-host and event production expert, Brandt Krueger! Get a chance to talk to him in the Facebook Live Event on Tuesday, August 29, 2017.

apps for event plannersWe Need To Take a Vacation to Stay Productive

Burnouts are common at work, especially for event industry workaholics. It might seem counterintuitive at first but we need our vacation time to de-stress, relax and recover so that we can stay productive. That’s why some companies have implemented recurring, scheduled mandatory vacations to force people to go out of the office and have some fun (or whatever they do on their free time). Read the full story of how one company did just that and see its effects on this company’s productivity, creativity, and happiness.



One of the innovative but non-tech things we’ve discovered this week is creating immersive experiences. While it’s usual for movies and television to mimic real life, pulling out characters from fiction and getting them to interact with real people is still a new experience.

Have you ever thought of using immersive entertainment in your events? Or maybe you have a non-tech innovation that really amazed your attendees? Care to share them?

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